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Our Consulting Team

Principal Consultant 

Tyler Ebnet

Tyler Ebnet has more than 15 years of Executive sales management, sales process creation, and revenue team development. Tyler is a true revenue operations master; he combines the people development side of sales with analytic focus and process improvement to create extraordinary revenue organizations that achieve results. Tyler’s ability to use data models to develop sales enablement tools has allowed him to scale multiple revenue organizations quickly while reducing selling expenses and increasing margins.  


Tyler has worked for IT VARs and Commercial integrations companies that range in size from Fortune 500 to private equity to family held. He has created managed service platforms that are profitable, scale, and deliver great experiences, and these programs have received accolades from organizations such as HP and the NSCA. Tyler has been a panelist for the NSCA, speaking on sales coaching, Comp plan creation, selling managed services, and forecasting.  


Tyler has developed a unique sales coaching methodology that helps scale revenue organizations while growing managed service solutions. This unique methodology focuses on the lead metrics for revenue producers and growing salespeople into professional sellers.  

Tyler Ebnet Sales Operations Master
Bob Lobascio  

Bob Lobascio is a seasoned executive with an impressive background, having served as a VP of Sales and Marketing for Fortune 500 companies and boasting nearly 20 years of experience in the AV industry. As a certified trainer and facilitator, Bob's expertise spans Learning International/PSS, Spin Selling, Strategic Selling, and Customer Focused Selling. His passion for sales excellence led him to become a partner at Corporate Sales Coaches, where he now shares his wealth of knowledge with organizations looking to upskill their sales teams. In addition to his exceptional career achievements, Bob is also a dedicated MAC Partner for NSCA and a Professional Services Provider for NSCA EDGE, further showcasing his commitment to driving success in the world of sales and marketing.

 David Trembly

Vice-President Sales Enablement

David Trembly is a dynamic and accomplished leader in the world of technology sales and management, with an impressive 16-year track record of success. Throughout his career, David has consistently achieved remarkable results, generating an average annual sales revenue percentage of over 65% in net new business. His extensive background in IT products, services, and processes has equipped him with a deep understanding of the industry, enabling him to identify and capitalize on emerging market trends and opportunities.

As a process-driven sales professional, David's approach emphasizes the importance of developing and executing effective strategies for net new business acquisition. This focus on innovation, coupled with his unwavering commitment to excellence, has allowed him to consistently exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results for his clients and organizations.

David's exceptional leadership skills, industry expertise, and proven ability to drive revenue growth make him a highly sought-after professional in the competitive field of technology sales and management. With his passion for continuous improvement and dedication to achieving success, David Trebly continues to set the standard for excellence within the technology sector.

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