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Revenueify Sales Enablement: REVUP Recur

REVUP Recur Program:
Recurring Revenue Sales Certification
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Selling managed tech services requires a different skillset—and a different mindset. Just because your sales team can sell technology projects doesn’t mean they’re ready to sell managed services. They need to learn how to achieve results in a world where subscriptions and pay-as-you-go models are the norm. 


Success in managed services sales requires the right mindset, tools, and strategies, such as outcome-based selling, to help clients achieve specific business goals—and help them recognize the benefits of paying for mission-critical technology monthly instead of with large capital investments.  


About REVUP Recur Outcome-Based Sales Training

This 6-month certification program is designed to help your salespeople change their mindsets and skillsets so they can apply outcome-based selling with the twist required for success in managed services sales. 

REVUP Recur sales training is based on the outcome-based selling model. Instead of talking about products, solutions, and benefits, your sales professionals will learn how to focus on creating business outcomes for clients. This allows them to think of buyers as people so they can understand their pain points, their problems, and the effects of these problems on them, their company, and their own clients. 


But before training begins, two critical steps come first: 

1. Each participant completes our version of an Everything DiSC® Agile EQ assessment. This helps salespeople understand their instincts and natural responses, stretch beyond what comes naturally, and respond appropriately to different emotional and interpersonal needs to drive more impactful outcomes. Official sales training begins once the sales professional is ready for—and comfortable with—a mindset change. 


2. A REVUP Assessment is conducted to make sure your company has the right people, processes, structures, and products in place to support managed services. This identifies exactly what’s missing within your organization to drive sales by offering tailored, data-driven insights and recommendations to solve whatever challenges you need to overcome to successfully sell managed services. 


Through built-in sales management for managed services, our team supports yours during REVUP Recur training. We work side by side with your sales team as we conduct monthly account planning, work live deals, and help smooth the transition to subscription models. 

What your salespeople will be able to do after training is complete:

  • Simplify customer conversations and start them off on the right foot. 

  • Finesse sales discussions and describe the value of managed services based on who they’re talking to—from CFOs to IT directors. 

  • Help customers conserve cash, improve their financial metrics, and focus on ROI. 

  • Address common misconceptions about managed services, leasing, and subscriptions. 

  • Overcome objections and concerns that customers present throughout the sales journey. 

  • Support clients in implementing sustainable and efficient technology management practices. 

  • Position themselves as strategic advisors who understand the evolving financial landscape of modern businesses. 

  • Close recurring-revenue deals quickly and efficiently.  

Participants have seen fantastic results from implementing outcome-based selling:

  • A staggering increase in win rates on quoted opportunities. 

  • A surge in margin per sales rep. 

  • A significant reduction in proposal revisions. 

The ROI on REVUP Recur training:

Our findings indicate that successful integration firms generate at least 20% of their revenue from managed services—with 50% margin. REVUP Recur training can help you move the needle on these lucrative recurring-revenue deals. 


According to NSCA, the average sales rep at an integration firm generates $1.8 million in revenue annually with a 30% margin ($540,000).  


If our training empowers each salesperson in your organization to sell 20% of their revenue in managed services, then that’s $400,000 in recurring revenue per person. Because they’re selling at a 50% margin, that’s an improvement of $200,000 per salesperson.  


In other words: The ROI isn’t good. It’s fantastic. And we can prove it with real data from other participants who have completed our program. 

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