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Revenueify Managed Services Enablement


Grow your managed services program with a plan to increase sales productivity, win more deals, and improve customer satisfaction.

Step 1: Establish Business Basics to Build an ROI-Driven Sales Program

Our REVUP Assessment identifies what’s missing within your organization to drive sales. We review sales, service, and project processes, as well as how they come together to create fantastic experiences.


Based on our analysis, we share tailored, data-driven insights and recommendations. Our roadmap and recommendations act as our north star. They tell us what to do to build your managed services program—and when to do it. 

Then we build a playbook for everyone in your organization to follow to bring the program life. 

Step 2: Empower & Train Your Sales Team

Training starts with an in-person workshop to introduce the program and outcome-based selling strategies. Sales team members learn how to focus on buyers as people so they can understand the buyer’s pain points, problems, and the effects of these problems. 

A six-month certification program keeps them engaged and connected to a Revenueify coach who guides them through live opportunities and deals. They’ll have an action plan and tools to accelerate results.

We track team progress the entire time so you always know that your investment is working.

Expect Sales Results

Scale your managed services practice by creating repeatable processes that your sales team can follow for every interaction. Revenueify works with you to determine the best way to engage with potential customers, identify opportunities, and close deals.


Creating scalable, repeatable processes for selling managed services enables your sales team to be more successful.

The average managed services contract can generate 50% margin over the life of the contract. 

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Revenueify Managed Service Enablement consulting services are dedicated to helping our clients productize their managed services solutions and create repeatable playbooks for success. We work with you to understand your solution offering, target market, and go-to-market strategy in order to develop a tailored plan for success. We then help you implement that plan, providing guidance and support every step of the way. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential as a managed service provider, and we are confident that we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve success. If you are looking for a partner to help you productize your managed services solutions, we invite you to contact us today.

Most organizations never gain traction on managed services solutions because their sales teams don't understand the value that managed services bring to their clients.
"When trying to put the program together in the past, we always struggled with pricing. We were working in percentages, but Revenueify presented a new pricing structure that makes so much more sense." 
-Bill Graham, PCD

We help integrators, IT companies, copier companies, construction companies, and other technology-based industries train their revenue organizations to lead with outcome-based sales strategies that support successful selling of managed service solutions. 

Whether you've built a managed services practice and need help gaining traction or don't have a program in place yet, we can help you get to the next stage.

We also work closely with industry partners that can help you execute your managed services program, including:

Want to find out more about our 26-week program? 


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