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Revenueify Sales Enablement: REVUP Achiever

REVUP Achiever Program:
Outcome-Based Selling Certification

Almost every role in your company benefits from specialized training: project management, installation, engineering, even finance. But what about sales? Are you giving your salespeople what they need to succeed, or are you leaving them in the dark—especially considering the economic headwinds that pose a challenge to growth?

You don’t need new or better sales reps to improve sales. You just need to provide better training. No matter how they perform right now, every single person on your sales team could be selling more (and at higher margins), even as clients slow down their buying.


About REVUP Achiever Outcome-Based Sales Training

This 12-month sales training and certification program helps your salespeople transition away from traditional sales methods and learn a new sales strategy that gets results: outcome-based selling. Finally, there’s a program tailored to the unique needs of technology sales professionals. This data-driven education is designed specifically for the AV, IT, physical security, and copier industries. To elevate this training, we use real company results to fine-tune our program over time. 

Instead of pushing products or asking clients what they need, your sales team will learn how to use an outcome-based selling strategy to help clients achieve a specific business goal, whether it involves increasing their market share in a crowded market, maintaining uptime, or finding and developing good people. 


What your salespeople will be able to do after training is complete:

•    Start conversations on the right foot and engage with potential customers instead of turning them off.
•    Finesse sales conversations based on who they’re talking to.
•    Create lasting relationships and improve customer retention.
•    Move away from conversations about price and help customers focus on business objectives and ROI.
•    Position your company as a credible and trusted advisor.
•    Close deals quickly and efficiently.
•    Present the right solutions at the right times to increase win rates. 
•    Build long-term technology roadmaps to guide clients in the right direction.

Participants have seen fantastic results:

•    A staggering increase of 50% in win rates on quoted opportunities.
•    A surge in margin per sales rep of 15% to 20%.
•    A significant 30% reduction in sales team turnover.

The ROI on REVUP Achiever training:

According to NSCA, the average sales rep at an integration firm generates $1.8 million in revenue annually with a 30% margin ($540,000). 

If the REVUP Achiever sales training program helps just one of your sales reps increase margins by just 5% over the span of a year, then you realize a 275% return on investment. No other investment offers value at this level. And a margin increase of 5% is just the beginning—participants have increased sales and margins at much higher levels.

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