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Revenueify Outsourced Sales Management 

Sales Management:
Data Is Our Superpower
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Don’t let revenue-related functions and sales growth slip through the cracks as your company grows and your team is spread too thin.

To get sales results and meet KPIs, you need to manage sales and sales teams effectively—but that’s not always practical or possible with in-house resources. 


You may need to outsource your sales management if:

  • You require dedicated sales leadership—but not at a full-time level.

  • Your sales managers are overwhelmed by managing salespeople and can’t focus on other initiatives.

  • Your company needs interim leadership and guidance for a specific period of time.

  • You need to fill sales leadership gaps quickly but don’t have time to recruit and hire.

  • You need third-party insight to bring a fresh perspective to revenue-related issues.

Our outsourced sales management services are driven by data. There’s no guessing involved here. After analyzing your company’s current performance and future goals, we’ll know exactly what to do to generate the results you need. This provides the guidance and leadership your company needs to help you:

  • Strengthen your sales strategy

  • Reduce overhead costs

  • Empower your sales team to consistently achieve and surpass targets

  • Drive great customer experiences


5 Ways Our Outsourced Sales Management Is Different

1. We do outsourced sales management your way. We can fulfill the traditional role of an outsourced chief revenue officer (CRO), combine outsourced sales management with managed services enablement, or even act as a full-time sales leader dedicated exclusively to your organization. 

2. Data is our superpower. There’s lots of data and insight to be uncovered within your organization. You just have to know where to look. Once you find it, the path to improving your sales becomes clear. We let metrics lead the way, so we know exactly where to focus improvements to garner you the biggest and fastest sales benefits.

3. We don’t feel like outsiders because we become part of your leadership team. We’ll be able to contribute to your organization in other unexpected ways, too, whether it’s offering advice about how to handle vendor rebates or helping create a pricing structure for managed services.

4. It’s about so much more than sales management. We can coach your sales reps or your sales managers—or both. Your entire sales team gets hands-on coaching and guidance, so they improve right along with your organization. 

5. Our services are very cost-effective. You get the services of a sales manager, chief revenue officer, VP of sales, business analyst, and outcome-based selling and managed services educator all in one. And you get it all for less than what it costs to fill just one or two of those roles at full-time capacity. 

How Our Outsourced Sales Management Works

  1. It begins with us conducting a baseline REVUP Assessment while also listening to your goals and concerns. The REVUP Assessment identifies exactly what’s missing within your organization to move sales forward.

  2. We take a deep dive into the insights revealed by the REVUP Assessment and use them to decide where and how to spend our time as your outsourced sales leaders.

  3. We meet one-on-one with each of your sales team members to identify their top accounts and create unique account planning strategies for each of them.

  4. Each month, we provide guidance to sales team members to help them work toward their goals. We also conduct a monthly REVUP Assessment to measure organization-wide progress. You’ll always know exactly how your team is progressing and how close your company is to meeting sales goals and KPIs.

  5. We document as we go. All new strategies, plans, and goals are accessible and understandable for whoever takes over.

  6. Once the engagement is over, we can help you hand over the best practices, processes, and procedures we established, or even help you find your next full-time sales leader.

Learn more about our outsourced sales management services.

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