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Sales Training Built on Reinforcement & Behavior Change: Press Release

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, Aug. 31, 2023—Revenueify, a revenue operations consulting organization dedicated to helping businesses make every dollar of their revenue better, is offering a new, 12-month certification program designed to help salespeople transition away from traditional sales methods and learn a new sales strategy that gets results every time: outcome-based selling. 


The REVUP Achiever Outcome-Based Certification Program began as custom education created for a leading technology integrator’s sales team. After receiving positive feedback and seeing fast and impactful results, Revenueify decided to make the training available to other integrators and IT companies as well, allowing a path to invest in their sales team in a scalable way. 


This data-driven education is designed specifically for the AV, IT, and physical security industries. To take the training to the next level, real company results are used to fine-tune the program over time.    


Instead of pushing products or asking clients what they need, sales teams will learn how to use an outcome-based selling strategy to help their clients achieve a specific business goal, whether it involves increasing their market share in a crowded market, maintaining uptime, or finding and developing good people.    


This is elevated education focused on reinforcement and behavior change so salespeople remember what they learn. It’s part sales training, part sales management: Revenueify trains sales team members and acts as their personal coaches, helping them manage and respond to the experiences they encounter in their day-to-day work.  


The REVUP Achiever sales training program is a low-cost investment that offers an incredibly high ROI, with returns of up to 275% or more. Participants have seen fantastic results so far:  


  • A staggering increase of 50% in win rates on quoted opportunities.  

  • A surge in margin per sales rep of 15% to 20%.  

  • A significant 30% reduction in sales team turnover.  

“Instead of sellers, you should think of your salespeople as coaches, consultants, mentors, problem-solvers, and advisors who can help their customers understand what it will take to meet their own targets and KPIs,” says Tyler Ebnet, founder and principal consultant at Revenueify. “This approach is called outcome-based selling. Through the REVUP Achiever training program, we absorb the training and coaching burden.

Integrators and IT companies can improve the performance of their sales teams without having to take any action or eat into their in-house resources. And they’ll see measurable results and increases in sales and margins for every rep who participates.” 


Learn more about Revenueify’s REVUP Achiever sales training program


About Revenueify 

Revenueify is a data-driven revenue operations consulting organization dedicated to helping businesses make every dollar of their revenue better. It offers tailored sales management, sales enablement, and recruiting services aimed at jumpstarting managed services revenue, as well as providing coaching and training at a tactical level.   Revenueify’s goal is to maximize ROI when it comes to sales enablement spending through its groundbreaking revenue team assessment process. Through experiential learning and micro-learning strategies, Revenueify helps establish lasting behavior change so businesses can get the most out of their revenue. Its mission is to empower companies with actionable insights into current business processes so they can reach new heights of success. 




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