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Revenueify REVUP Assessment

Forget Sales Innovation. Get Business Basics Down First.

Why don't your sales hit the mark? Why is your revenue declining while margins shrink? Why is it getting harder to find—and keep—qualified salespeople?


Many sales teams in integration and IT industries put innovation before everything else. But the secret isn’t in rolling out complex programs or selling the latest technology—it's in putting the business basics in place to build a sales program that provides the ROI you want and hits the right KPIs.


Your sales suffer when you don’t have the basics in place:


  • The right people 

  • The right back-end procedures and processes (from sales and operations to leadership and finance)

  • The right sales structures 

  • The right products and services


Our REVUP Assessment identifies exactly what’s missing within your organization to drive sales. It provides tailored, data-driven insights and recommendations to help you:


  • Engage more buyers

  • Improve margins

  • Boost revenue

  • Reduce sales turnover

  • Increase win rates

  • Stand out from the competition


5 Ways the REVUP Assessment Is Different

  1. The roadmap and recommendations you receive are backed by science and data, not feelings, guesses, or assumptions. We know that your customized plan will work. 

  2. The plans and models we create for you are built upon what we know about the industry’s highest-performing sales organizations and teams.

  3. Our company is guided by people who have years of experience in successfully launching and leading managed services with and for integrators and their clients. We understand the integration industry’s nuances and challenges.

  4. We go beyond sales to take a big-picture view of your entire organization. 

  5. Failure isn’t an option. With Revenueify by your side, you can be confident that you'll meet your goals and see the ROI you expect.

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 REVUP Assessment Process

Preassessment questionnaire


Comparing questionnaire data to industry data points


Create targeted interviews focused on company objectives


Review company documents and Collateral


Compile data into the REVUP Assessment Tool


Create Executive Summary and financial impact recommendations based on company objectives 


Implementation of recommendations by Revenueify, a third party resource, or you can use the data an implement with your team

A Managed Services Accelerator 

When it comes to managed services, our industry is lying to you. Selling managed services isn’t about simply listing it as an option on the proposal. (In fact, that’s some of the worst advice you could receive.) 


Build Your Managed Services Foundation 

Revenueify’s REVUP Assessment is the industry’s only “basics-first” program. To make sure your managed services program doesn’t fail, we help you get the right people, processes, structures, and products in place first. 


Once you’ve built your foundation, you will be able to sell managed services confidently and successfully. We’ve seen it happen over and over again.


The REVUP Assessment helps you answer three questions.

1. How ready is our company to sell managed services?

It begins with an evaluation of five key areas—sales skills, revenue operations, sales processes, managed services readiness, and your revenue team’s ability to meet objectives—to help you understand where you are on your managed services journey and which improvements are needed to support it.


This evaluation is done through questionnaires, targeted interviews, and reviews of existing documents and collateral.


2. How do we compare to integrators that successfully sell managed services?

We compare the data from your organization’s assessment to proven industry performance standards, metrics, research, and best practices. We share real data and real expected ROI based on what our clients experience so that you understand what’s happening across the industry in terms of managed services margins, revenue, and success—and see how you stack up.


3. How do we make managed service happen?

You receive a custom business roadmap that includes tailored steps, action items, and expected ROI associated with each recommendation. You understand the impact of each recommendation on your business and know exactly where you need to invest (and where you don’t) so you can maximize ROI and accelerate revenue growth.


This managed services roadmap is yours. You get to decide if, when, and how to put it in motion. 

Create Real Traction

Our assessment not only helps organizations identify areas for improvement but also provides actionable recommendations for success.

The REVUP Assessment covers a range of critical areas, including understanding ROI on investments, margin growth strategies, talent alignment, and increasing win rates on quoted opportunities. By focusing on Sales Team Skills, Revenue Operations, Sales Process, Managed Service Readiness, and the ability to achieve company objectives, we provide a holistic evaluation of your organization's sales capabilities.

Specifically tailored for integrators, VARs, and dealers, our REVUP Assessment empowers businesses to establish the essential business basics necessary for building a successful sales program. We understand the importance of ROI and KPIs, and our assessment helps organizations confidently achieve their desired outcomes.

With our data-driven insights and recommendations, organizations gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Whether the goal is to improve buyer engagement, boost margins, increase revenue, reduce sales turnover, or enhance win rates, our REVUP Assessment delivers tailored solutions for growth.

The Revenueify REVUP Assessment is your key to unlocking revenue potential. By identifying and addressing the missing pieces within your organization, we help you drive sales, improve performance, and achieve your business objectives. Embrace the power of our tailored assessment to elevate your sales program to new heights.

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REVUP Results

Understand where you should focus your resources to get the best return on investment


Invest in the areas that will have the biggest impact on your revenue growth


Hit your company's key priorities


Maximize your ROI


Grow your managed services business


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Stop wasting time and money in the wrong areas


Invest in what's important for your future


Feel confident that you are making the right decisions for your Revenue growth


Make every dollar of revenue better

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