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How PCD Improved Managed Services Sales in Under 6 Months: Case Study

How PCD Improved Managed Services Sales in Less than 6 Months


Revenueify helped PCD Inc. understand its strengths, opportunities, and priorities and created a tailored action plan to help it accelerate managed services and grow design-build sales.


Meet Our ClienT: PCD

As a regional integrator that supports clients across Northern California, PCD Inc. has worked with thousands of organizations across the public and private sectors—from corporate, education, and government entities to performing arts, worship, and hospitality environments.


PCD’s team of experts has decades of AV experience and can design, install, and train clients on the latest AV technology.


The company is on a mission to put customers first by responding to what they need—including the ability to access modern AV systems in an affordable way without having to worry about the time commitments associated with managing those systems.


Challenge: Become an Advisor, Not a One-Time Installer

Although PCD has been in business since 1981, the company seemed to be nothing more than a Google listing to some customers. “When we get a call from someone who found us online and wants us to do something for them—but they don’t realize that we’re the ones who installed their system eight years ago—there’s a problem,” describes Bill Graham, PCD’s director of operations.


He wondered: How many follow-up sales opportunities had been lost over the years because clients couldn’t remember or didn’t document that PCD did their original installation work?


The company wanted to change its reputation and be viewed as more than a one-time installer. PCD wanted to become an advisor that its clients count on again and again.


To do this, the company attempted to get a managed services program off the ground, but it never took off like Graham imagined it could. “It’s time consuming to put together a program like that,” he explains. “With all my other responsibilities, I just didn’t have the time to drive it.”


On top of growing managed services and attracting more repeat work, PCD also wanted to expand its design-build sales team. The company’s vice president—who is also the company’s highest-grossing salesperson—oversaw the team, but he didn’t have the bandwidth to make it a priority or create resources for the team to use. As the group continues to grow, the company wanted a playbook that its salespeople could reference for guidance on expectations, best practices, and tactics.


Discovery: Support for Sales Training & Managed Services Consulting

To improve sales performance and move toward customer-focused selling, PCD had worked with Corporate Sales Coaches in the past. The training experience was positive, and the team always saw results after working with Bob Lobascio, one of the company’s partners. Sales staff walked away from those sessions with a better understanding of who their customers were and how to identify their needs and priorities.


When Corporate Sales Coaches merged with Revenueify, Graham knew the combination of ongoing sales training support and managed services consulting was exactly what PCD needed.


After meeting the Revenueify team in person at NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference, PCD decided it was time to move forward and get a plan in place to improve its managed services and build the framework for sales growth.


“We’ve been transparent with Revenueify in terms of our expectations from the beginning,” says Graham. “When anything comes up, we’re able to talk through it. Through that clear communication, they’ve always been right on the target with what we’re trying to accomplish. We’re on the same wavelength.”


Solution: A Platform to Scale Managed Services Sales

To establish a baseline to work from, Revenueify walked PCD through its REVUP Assessment process. This data-driven analysis focuses on five areas within the organization:


1.     Sales skills

2.     Revenue operations

3.     Sales processes

4.     Managed services readiness

5.     The revenue team’s ability to meet specific company objectives


Proven industry metrics and research are used to create tailored and targeted recommendations to quickly accelerate revenue. PCD’s action plan outlined the team’s strengths, opportunities, and a priority list to lead them to managed services success, including specifics on how to build out their program.


Graham says the assessment confirmed everything he thought might be true about where the company needed the most help. “It also uncovered weaknesses in our sales team that we hadn’t seen before and gave me answers to questions I really needed help with,” he explained. “We discovered that we were further down the road than we thought, which was great news. But we also knew it was time to take action—and we needed outside help to move things along quickly so we could finally meet our goals.”


Supported by Revenueify’s 26-week Managed Services Enablement program, PCD now has a platform it can use to scale its managed services practice through repeatable processes and insights on the best ways to engage with potential customers, identify new opportunities, and close deals.


“When trying to put the program together in the past, we always struggled with pricing. We were working in percentages, but Revenueify presented a new pricing structure that makes so much more sense,” says Graham.


When one of PCD’s key inside salespeople decided to retire—which could’ve been a sales setback— bringing another salesperson on board was much easier with the sales framework in place. The new team member has a playbook he can follow to guide him through every customer interaction. One of Revenueify’s sales experts is also working side by side with him to bring him up to speed.


As PCD continues to build its sales team, Revenueify will help it evaluate talent and identify winning candidates through DiSC profiling and sales aptitude assessments.


Results: Meeting AV as a Service Sales Goals

When it comes to increased sales productivity and managed services deals, Revenueify's Managed Service Enablement program created immediate results for PCD.


“This approach is already driving results,” Graham says. “We’ve had a couple of our AVaaS clients refer us to other clients because they think this is such a great thing. The clients that experience it just keep referring more and more clients to us, and we’re becoming that trusted advisor we want to be.”


With a new managed services structure in place, PCD is well on its way to meeting AVaaS sales goals for the year.


As PCD’s managed services offerings continue to accelerate, Graham says Revenueify is helping to improve the already-strong sales culture the company had in place. “When new employees get to know PCD under the premise that Revenueify helped us create, that’s only going to make us stronger. It’s exciting to see how much more we can offer to our clients now.”


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