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Forecasting to Predict Future Results-Webinar Download

Key Topics:

  • Bookings and backlog trends: Tyler and Bob shared data from NSCA and their own survey showing that bookings and backlog are down or flat for most integrators and VARs in 2024 due to market uncertainty and customer hesitation.

  • Pipeline metrics and guidelines: Tyler and Bob recommended using a simple formula to calculate the booked revenue based on number of opportunities, average sale price and win rate, and suggested having 5X, 15X and 35X of monthly quota in the 90-day, 12-month and 24-month pipeline respectively.

  • ROI and business objectives for stuck deals: Bob advised revisiting the why and the ROI of the projects with the customers who are delaying decisions, and providing value and direction to re-engage them, rather than just checking in or pushing deadlines.

  • Monthly forecasting process: Tyler and Bob proposed a three-step process to improve the accuracy and confidence of the forecast, involving a manual 30-day forecast, next steps and business objectives for the 90-day funnel, and ensuring the 12-month funnel meets the 15X guideline.

  • Sales leadership boot camp and recruiting webinar: Tyler and Bob promoted their upcoming virtual boot camp on sales management cadence and their next webinar on hiring and retaining sales professionals, and encouraged the attendees to sign up and participate.

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