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The 6 Unexpected Benefits of Sales Training for Integrators

Invest in professional development to help your salespeople apply outcome-based selling that drives revenue during a downturn—even when the phone isn’t ringing.

What will economic growth look like in a few months? It’s a question everyone wonders, but no one can answer.

Across all markets, integrators and technology companies report seeing a slowdown in customer purchasing due to unpredictability, a recession that may or may not come, and economic headwinds. Is this temporary? Will it last? The answers are unclear.

But, no matter what, one thing is obvious: Your sales team still has to perform, regardless of what’s happening with your customers or the economy.

If buying slows, what’s your plan to keep moving forward?

Your futureproofing strategy should involve sales training for integrators—but not just any type of sales training. You want to invest in professional development that will help your salespeople apply outcome-based selling to drive revenue during a downturn and uncover opportunities when the phone isn’t ringing.

While some of the benefits of sales training for integrators may be obvious—higher revenue, more sales, etc.—there are some not-so-obvious benefits to consider, too.

Tyler Ebnet and the NSCA BIZSKILLS Training Sessions
Integrator Sales Training at 2023 CEDIA Expo

1. Sales Training for Integrators Focuses on Behavior Change, Not Solely Skills Enhancement

Traditional sales training often creates a black hole: Participants sit in a room or in front of a computer screen for a few hours or a full day and then get back to work—doing exactly what they did before. There’s no opportunity to practice or discuss what they learn, and no reinforcement built into the process. That’s why so much of what’s taught in sales training is soon forgotten and rarely applied.

Conventional training practices often lead to a retention rate of 20% or less.

The certification process we follow has been proven to help participants retain 90% or more of what they learn. Why? Because it’s not focused only on skills-building … it’s focused on behavior change that drives consistent performance, repeatable results, and better outcomes.

2. Training Creates a Safe Environment to Practice—and Fail

Think about teaching salespeople how to close deals quickly, present the right solutions at the right times, and build roadmaps to guide clients. Reading and talking about these concepts is one thing—but getting to apply them in real-time takes learning and retention to the next level.

When participants meet regularly through online sessions, they get to role-play and apply the practices they discuss.

Because our sales training for integrators is part sales training, part sales management, we act as their personal coaches. We work with them on the situations and experiences they encounter in day-to-day work as live opportunities and deals come in. Your salespeople will know exactly what to do—and how to do it—with Revenueify by their side.

3. Training Helps Your Team Become Part of an Uplifting Community

Depending on how sales training is managed, participants have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with other salespeople in an environment established on trust, respect, and collaboration.

Taking a community approach to sales training for integrators allows your salespeople to learn from the instructor and each other. They can share wins and losses, compare best practices, and dissect the concepts they’re learning.

4. Education Improves Your Company’s Image and Reputation

There’s no way around it: Your salespeople reflect your organization. They have more facetime and one-on-one interactions with customers than anyone. What they say, the way they present themselves, and the impression they leave on potential and existing customers can impact your company in a positive—or negative—way.

When your salespeople focus on buyers as people, take time to understand pain points, and bring added value to the sales process, this improves your reputation, impresses clients, makes it more likely that customers will pass your name along, and attracts potential employees who hear positive things about your business and its people.

5. The Right Sales Training Cuts Down on Hiring and Turnover

Are your company’s sales where you want them to be? If not, your first step shouldn’t be to search for new, more experienced sales reps. Hiring and onboarding can be expensive and time-consuming.

It’s more cost-effective to invest in the people you already have and show them how to improve. All they need is better training and some practice.

Technology sales is a challenging field with typically high turnover rates—up to 35% or more. You can reduce this number with the right sales training for integrators. By giving salespeople what they need to succeed, you not only improve their performance (which benefits the bottom line), but also improve job satisfaction for them, which makes them more likely to stay.

No matter how your sales team is performing right now, every single person could be selling more (and at higher margins), even as clients slow down their buying. Training builds everyone up—including your best salespeople—so they all improve.

6. Training Turns Your Salespeople into Mentors

Once your salespeople are fully trained, then they can share their knowledge and help coach other team members. This absorbs the training and coaching burden and helps set new employees up for success as they join the team.

If you don’t have sales leadership in place, then the right sales training helps you to build a sales process that is repeatable so you can manage the sales team with less time.

This turns sales training for integrators into an investment that keeps on giving returns. Our REVUP Achiever training program is a low-cost investment that offers an incredibly high ROI, with returns of up to 275% or more.

Finally, there’s sales training for integrators tailored to their unique needs.

Learn more about REVUP Achiever training. The next program begins in early 2024 or reach out to us for a customized version dedicated to your organization.

REVUP Achiever Outcome Based Selling Certification


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