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Revenueify Helps Integrators Defeat a Flat Sales Index with New Sales Strategies

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, April 23, 2024—Revenueify, the revenue operations organization dedicated to helping businesses make every dollar of their revenue better, is excited to announce a free webinar—AV Bookings Have Slowed Down … Now What?—for integrators that want to defeat a flat sales index and overcome prevalent revenue challenges. 


Because customers have been eager to buy, the past three years were fairly easy for integrators. In 2024, however, sales aren’t as simple. Integrators must be able to demonstrate value. 


On April 30, 2024, at 12pm CDT, Revenueify will walk integrators through recent industry research that indicates a deceleration in AV sales growth, along with the reasons behind this downturn—and how to respond to these challenges.   


Industry professionals are invited to join to learn more about: 


  • Combatting the economic factors contributing to sudden slowdowns in AV bookings

  • Implementing strategies to mitigate the impact of inflation and interest rates on project costs and profits. 

  • Developing innovative service offerings to offset declines in bookings. 

  • Elevating sales talent acquisition and retention in a competitive landscape. 

  • Navigating supply chain disruptions with agility and foresight. 


Revenueify will also share the clear path and robust strategies it developed to help integrators get through tumultuous times by turning revenue challenges into opportunities for growth. Attendees will walk away with: 


  • A defined sales prospecting methodology that helps identify and engage the right clients. 

  • Outcome-based selling strategies that focus on real-world benefits of technology—not on costs. 

  • Tactics to hire sales professionals who know how to articulate the value integrators bring. 


For integrators that want to dig deeper, Revenueify is also hosting a pre-InfoComm sales bootcamp in Las Vegas. The Prospecting and Backlog-Building Bootcamp will show attendees exactly what to do to jumpstart AV pipelines and build backlogs. The one-day bootcamp will help integrators: 


  • Boost AV pipelines by 20% to 30%. 

  • Increase win rates by up to 50%. 

  • Strengthen customer engagement with effective prospecting tools. 



Integrators can register for the AV Bookings Have Slowed Down … Now What? webinar on April 30 here


Integrators can register for Prospecting and Backlog-Building Bootcamp here.  


To learn more about Revenueify, visit  


About Revenueify 

Revenueify is a data-driven revenue operations consulting organization dedicated to helping businesses make every dollar of their revenue better. It offers tailored sales management, sales enablement, and recruiting services aimed at jumpstarting managed services revenue, as well as providing coaching and training at a tactical level. Revenueify’s goal is to maximize ROI when it comes to sales enablement spending through its groundbreaking revenue team assessment process. Through experiential learning and micro-learning strategies, Revenueify helps establish lasting behavior change so businesses can get the most out of their revenue. Its mission is to empower companies with actionable insights into current business processes so they can reach new heights of success. 



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