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Helping Integrators and IT VARs Build Data-Driven Sales Programs: Press Release


Contact: Leah Grout Garris



Revenueify’s REVUp Assessment Helps Integrators and IT VARs Build Data-Driven Sales Programs

The process identifies exactly what’s missing within organizations—and how to address those gaps—to drive sales KPIs and ROI.


CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, June 30, 2023—Revenueify, a revenue operations organization dedicated to helping businesses make every dollar of their revenue better, is offering its distinctive REVUP Assessment services to the systems integration and IT VAR communities.


The REVUP Assessment helps integrators and IT VARs put the right business basics in place so they can confidently build a successful sales program that provides the ROI they want and the KPIs they need to hit.


Through this tailored and data-driven process, Revenueify works with integrators and IT VARs to identify and address exactly what’s missing within their organizations. Designed exclusively for the nuances and challenges of these industries, the REVUP Assessment takes an organization-wide view to drive better sales.


After analyzing everything from products and services to back-end processes, integrators and IT VARs receive their own sales roadmap filled with insights and recommendations backed by science and data to help them:


·       Engage more buyers 

·       Improve margins 

·       Boost revenue 

·       Reduce sales turnover 

·       Increase win rates 

·       Stand out from the competition 


“For us, the REVUP Assessment helped reveal stick-our head-in-the-sand spots,” says Kyle Habben, president and CEO at ECC. “We’ve never had a forecast before. We’ve never had a true pipeline. It reinforced what I believed but didn’t necessarily have the ability or bandwidth to fix. It was actionable, realistic, and critical to our business. When were done with the assessment, we knew exactly what we needed to focus on to do our jobs better.”


Revenueify’s sales plans and models are built upon what the highly qualified team knows about the industry’s highest-performing sales organizations and teams. Its experts have decades of combined experience in successfully launching and leading sales programs with and for integrators and IT VARs and their clients.


“Right now, many integrators are using our REVUP Assessment to launch or grow their managed services. To make sure they don’t fail, integrators want to get the right people, processes, structures, and products in place first. Then they’ll be able to sell managed services confidently and successfully. We’ve seen it happen over and over again,” says Tyler Ebnet, principal consultant and founder at Revenueify.


To learn more about Revenueify’s REVUP Assessment, visit Then read one integrator’s REVUp success story


About Revenueify

Revenueify is a data-driven revenue operations consulting organization dedicated to helping businesses make every dollar of their revenue better. It offers tailored sales management, sales enablement, and recruiting services aimed at jumpstarting managed services revenue, as well as providing coaching and training at a tactical level.   Revenueify’s goal is to maximize ROI when it comes to sales enablement spending through its groundbreaking revenue team assessment process. Through experiential learning and micro-learning strategies, Revenueify helps establish lasting behavior change so businesses can get the most out of their revenue. Its mission is to empower companies with actionable insights into current business processes so they can reach new heights of success.

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