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AV Bookings are Down, Now What? -Webinar Download

2024 is unfolding as a year of marked resilience and adaptation amid evident challenges. As reported in AVIXA's Pro-AV Business Index, the AV industry witnessed a deceleration in growth, marking February 2024 with a Pro AV Business Sales Index (AVI-S) of 53.4, the slowest rate since January 2021.

This slowdown is attributed to a significant number of companies reporting stability rather than growth, encapsulating the industry's cautious optimism amidst uncertain economic climates.

Moreover, the 2023 and 2024 State of the Industry reports by Commercial Integrator and NSCA accentuates the intricate landscape AV integrators navigate. The report highlights persistent macroeconomic headwinds, including inflation and interest rates. Supply chain challenges and talent acquisition and retention continue to pose significant hurdles as well.

Yet, amidst these trials, there remains a buoyant outlook on the essential role of AV technologies in delivering unparalleled experiences, underscoring the resilience and innovative spirit of the AV community.

As bookings decelerate and the industry braces for a transformative phase, Revenueify steps forward to chart a path through these tumultuous times. Our webinar, AV Bookings Have Slowed Down ... Now What?, aims to address the palpable concern within the AV community regarding the downturn in bookings and revenue impacts witnessed in 2024.

By delving into the core issues identified in the aforementioned reports, we intend to unfold a narrative that not only acknowledges the challenges but also propels us toward actionable strategies for revival and growth.

The webinar pivots around a critical discussion on five focus areas that are instrumental in navigating the current industry landscape.

From recalibrating business models to align with the evolving economic environment to innovating in service offerings and harnessing the power of digital transformation, we will explore the avenues that promise revitalization and sustainable growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the economic factors contributing to the slowdown in AV bookings in 2024.

  • Strategies for mitigating the impact of inflation and interest rates on project costs and profitability.

  • Innovations in service offerings to offset the decline in traditional AV bookings.

  • Talent acquisition and retention in a competitive landscape.

  • Navigating supply chain disruptions with agility and foresight.

Download and watch the recording today to uncover five strategic areas that AV integrators can focus on to transcend current challenges.

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