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February 2024 ACHIEVER EVENT

February 2024 ACHIEVER EVENT

Dallas, TX


Program Overview: The REVUP Achiever is a 12-month certification program meticulously designed for sales professionals in the AV, IT, Physical Security, and copier sectors. With a foundation built on the 30-year legacy of customer-focused selling, this program is modernized for the new age of learning and is tailored specifically for the unique needs of technology sales professionals.



Unique to the Achiever Certification Program

  1. The Certification builds a community: The community approach to learning allows sharing of best practices between sales professionals in different areas.  Sales people are social and this community allows sales people to learn in an environment that is tailored to the way they would like to learn. 

  2. Behavioral Science Integration: Incorporates the DiSC model, equipping sales professionals with tools to enhance customer experiences.

  3. Customized Selling Approach: Merges customer styles with outcome-based selling, offering a distinct advantage over generic, one-size-fits-all training models.

  4. Practical Application: Encourages sales professionals to apply their learning to real opportunities, share experiences with their accountability teams, and receive feedback from Revenueify Sales Coaches.

  5. A program that works from Prospecting to closing to expanding customer relationships.   Most sales training programs are one day events that are more entertaining.  This certification takes you through the entire sales process and connects the dots, creating a complete picture.  

  6. Cutting-edge REVUP Learning Portal: REVUP ACHIEVER CERTIFICATION's e-learning platform ensures learners actively participate, receive timely feedback, and are consistently re-engaged through personalized triggers. The result is a transformative learning experience with heightened engagement, knowledge retention, and course completion rates, making it an invaluable asset for sales professionals in the REVUP ACHIEVER program.  This portal builds a community with other sales professionals and a 1 on 1 experience with the Revenueify Sales Coach. 

  7. Industry-specific Content: Provides training using real-life examples from the technology sector, ensuring relevance and applicability.

  8. Connection with other sales professionals on an ongoing basis.  The Certification process involves meeting with other sales professionals in your accountability group for the entire 12-month program.   This allows for a personalized connection with others in a similar environment.   It also allows you to discuss concepts and how you are applying them. 

  9. The program includes:

    1. In-person training sessions to build up the community.

    2. Virtual Revenueify instructor lead discussions on a monthly basis to dive deeper into each of the concepts.

    3. Access to the REVUP Portal, which gives an all access pass to Playbooks, Battle cards, Blueprints, 1 on 1 coaching, and the community.   After the certification is complete, you have access to the REVUP Portal for the entire time you are employed by your organization allowing you to continue to build on the community. 

    4. REVUP ACHIEVER PLAYBOOK/Journal to track progress and have a desk reference guide to all the concepts.  

    5. 1 on 1 coaching with live deals utilizing the tools that we install.  

    6. DiSC Sales Profile and a 23 page report on applying DiSC to your sales process.  



Program Syllabus: The program is structured into 12 comprehensive sessions, starting with an in-person introduction and followed by virtual events that cover essential sales topics, from time management to overcoming objections. The program culminates in a capstone and graduation event, celebrating the participants' journey and achievements.

  •  Session 1- Introduction to REVUP ACHIEVER - In-person event

  • Session 2- Time Management and Territory Planning- Virtual event

  • Session 3- Out-come based Selling Skills- Virtual event

  • Session 4 Generating Interesting and Prospecting- Virtual event

  • Session 5-Customer Focused Meeting Planning- Virtual event

  • Session 6- Customer Focused Opportunity Planning- Virtual event

  • Session 7- Putting Out-Come-based selling into practice- Virtual event

  • Session 8- Creating your Out-Come based Story - Virtual event

  • Session 9- Group Presentations - Virtual event

  • Session 10- Overcoming objections - Virtual event

  • Session 11- Gaining Commitment and tying it all together - Virtual event

  • Session 12- Capstone and Graduation - Virtual event

Proven Success: Participants of the REVUP Achiever program have witnessed:

  • A staggering 50% increase in win rates on quoted opportunities.

  • A 15-20% surge in margin per sales rep.

  • A significant 30% reduction in sales team turnover.



Given the potential 15% increase in margin, a sales rep with an average annual margin of $300,000 can expect an uplift of $45,000 in Booked Margin per year.


Additional ROI Items

  1. Increased Sales Revenue: The most direct ROI from sales training is an increase in sales revenue. Better trained salespeople are more skilled at identifying opportunities, presenting solutions, negotiating deals, and closing sales, leading to higher sales figures.

  2. Improved Customer Relationships: Sales training often includes elements of customer service, relationship management, and customer retention strategies. As salespeople improve in these areas, customer satisfaction and loyalty can increase, leading to repeat business and referrals.

  3. Efficiency and Productivity: Sales training can help streamline sales processes, improve time management, and boost productivity. Reps can learn to prioritize high-value tasks, use sales tools more effectively, and reduce time spent on low-return activities.

  4. Reduced Staff Turnover: Sales is a challenging field with typically high turnover rates. However, sales training can improve job satisfaction and performance, leading to lower turnover. This reduces costs associated with hiring and onboarding new salespeople.

  5. Brand Image and Reputation: Well-trained salespeople can represent the company's brand more effectively and professionally. This can enhance the organization's reputation in the market, attracting more potential customers and even quality employees to the organization.

Want to discuss additional outcomes or have more than six people you would like to send? Schedule a time to discuss today or register below.



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