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Integration Managed Service Growth

Growing your Managed service practice can have a large impact on profits, do you know how to prepare your revenue team represent your solution set?

Integration Managed Service Growth

We have experience in creating managed services solutions for the Integration industry, IT industry, Copier industry, and many other technology-based industries that sell to businesses. From direct sales channels to the construction market channels, we can help you create a solution that fits your customer's needs and train your revenue organization to consultative sell managed service solutions. By consultatively selling the solutions, we can provide higher customer lifetime value, increased close rates, and shorter sales cycles - making it a win-win for both you and your customers.

Managed Service Margins are upward of 50%

Revenueify's Team has over 15 years of creating managed service platforms and can help you get your platform of the ground and communicated to your customer base. Areas we can help with

  1. Managed Service productization

  2. Managed Service Playbooks

  3. Managed Services in the Construction Market

  4. Sales Process Creation

  5. Proposal Creation

  6. ROI/Consultative Selling Coaching

  7. Helping your AV or Security team to FINALLY grow you managed service program


Most integrators Charge a fixed percentage of a project for a Managed Service Contract

How do you know if you are covering your actual costs with this model?
How do your sellers know what it will actually cost?

While there is some merit to this strategy, look to all other managed service providers. Office 365, SalesForce, Managed IT and Cloud, and even your vendor License Agreements, they all have a fixed MSRP for their solution.

This pricing strategy creates multiple benefits for an integrator

  1. Its Repeatable and Scalable. Have a fixed pricing strategy allows your sellers to easily quote your managed services and your customer come to know the model so they can budget easier.

  2. Its not tied to a project. This allows you to quote prior opportunities or even your competitors projects.

  3. You can cover your costs more accurately. If you do a fixed % of revenue, how do you know if that project was 80% product and 20% labor or 20% product and 80% labor?

  4. It supports XaaS Sales Process. When selling managed services, your funnel is not actually a funnel, its a bowtie.

The Bowtie funnel is instrumental in growing your managed service practice.

The Bowtie funnel starts with a well defined sales process and utilizes a strong consultative selling approach to your customer base. The team at Revenueify can help you build these baseline processes to support your managed service growth strategies.


Having the right pricing strategy for your managed service practice will allow exponential growth.

If you are ready to take your managed service platform to the next step or just get it off the ground, Revenueify can help you accomplish your business objectives. Reach out today to schedule a free 30 minute executive overview of our Managed Service Enablement Solutions.

Contact us today to start growing your Managed Services
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Sales Coaching

Revenueify Sales Coaching is the perfect solution for organizations that are looking to develop a tactical sales strategy in order to grow revenue.

Managed Service Enablement

Growing your managed service platform with Revenueify can allow you to scale quicker and deliver better customer experiences.  

Revenue Operations

Profitable growth starts with a well-thought-out sales process.   Hiring sales executives, budgeting and forecasting, and sales process design- are all critical to revenue growth, but too often are an afterthought.  Revenueify can help by becoming your outsourced CRO to drive these key levers.  

Revenue technology 

Creating a great process is a start, your systems need to support the process to realize true growth. Revenueify Technology Solutions can help support your business objectives 

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